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Hey there, I’m Giselle! An adventure-loving-20-something who is  learning daily what it means to have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to respond and explore.

I’m a professional traveler, part-time writer, part-time book seller, part-time model, and full-time adventurer. I could summarize who I am in a single sentence or an entire book, so let me give you the cliff-notes version…

  • I’m an introvert who parades as an extrovert.
  • I travel…a lot. In 2016 alone I traveled to 24 countries, through 24 time zones, on 6 different continents.
  • On an ideal Saturday morning you’ll probably find me curled up with a book and a cappuccino in one of my (many) favorite coffee shops.
  • I’m always reading at least four books at a time.
  • I have a heart for people on the margins of society and a passion for fighting injustice.
  • I deeply believe in the transformative power of stories, so I do my best to tell them well–whether they are mine or someone else’s.
  • Emma Watson is my girl (can I be her when I grow up?).

To find out more about who I am I suppose you’ll have to read my blog and follow me on social media (links below). I love to collaborate too, so if you like what you see and want to work together, don’t be a stranger!

Email me at giselle.gonzales7@gmail.com

16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Robert Jeremy says:

    I’m impressed (and jealous of your lifestyle!). How would you like to “collaborate” with me on “Free Spirits World Wide” ? Principal aim is “Helping the Disabled Towards Independence”; and “disabled” is used in the widest possible sense.

  2. Dayn Riegel says:

    Very nice and well written. I like, make that love, the comment about introvert/extrovert as I suffer – or excel (at) – from that as well.

  3. jenimcmillan says:

    Hi Giselle, this is a random meeting thanks to about me.com. If anything is ever random 🙂 I was drawn to check out your site when I saw that gorgeous, shiny photo of you. When I read your story on refugees I knew that I visited your nest for a good reason. An excellent story and you’re living in a passionate way. Good luck with your journeys.

  4. Carl M says:

    Beautiful writing. I love your parents penny a page incentive. Good luck on your mission to help the refugees. Wish there were more “points of light” like you. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!

  5. Chandan Sinha says:

    I came across your about.me page and then from one links to another – I’m already a fan of your beautiful lifestyle. With as gorgeous personality as you’re, your work speaks volume.

    Keep up your journey, keep fighting injustice (as you aspire to) and ya keep writing about your explorations! Best of luck 🙂

  6. leblackrabbit says:

    If you can’t stand tomatoes it is because you live in America. I used to live there and know inequivically that there is not a single real tomatoe in the entire country. Sure, all the stores sell what they call tomatoes, but they are anything but real tomatoes. They are rubbish masquerading as tomatoes. I now live on the south coast of Turkey on the eastern Mediterranean Sea where they grow lots of REAL tomatoes out in the sunshine in good soil. If you ever eat a Turkish tomatoe you will suddenly love tomatoes. In your travels you’ll eventually decide that the south coast of Turkey is a proper destination and visit here. While here you’ll likely have some REAL tomatoes and will have to edit your blog’s about me page to reflect that you really do love tomatoes, but that you’d just never eaten one prior to visiting the south coast of Turkey. Ahh, the knowledge that awaits those who get up and go off to see the world about them… 😉

      • leblackrabbit says:

        No need to panic and act rashly. You’ve lived this long without having eaten a proper tomatoe – so as long as you place the south coast of Turkey on a ‘must do’ list and make flight reservations within – oh say, sometime in the coming few weeks, you’ll be fine. Cheers! 😉

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