Project: Seek the Good

Amidst the disasters, suffering, and injustice reported in the media around the world, one thing is often missing… stories of hope. And yet, there are countless stories both locally and internationally of people standing boldly against injustice, empowering those on the margins, and creatively confronting social issues.

These are the stories that have predominantly gone untold.

These are the stories I want to share.

Starting in the Pacific Northwest, this photography and writing project will focus on “underdogs” who are working to make a meaningful impact on the world through art, business, nonprofit work, etc.

All features from this project will focus on doing the following…

1.) Uncover the ISSUE – tell the stories of those impacted and why you should care

2.) Show HOPE – what a specific person/organization is doing to address the issue

5.) Call to ACTION – provide ways for you to get involved

My hope for this project is to encourage you that, yes, there is still tremendous goodness in the world and, yes, there are ways for you to get involved and be a world changer!


If you know of an organization you would like me to feature, or if you want to get involved with this project, please email me at

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